Facebook CEO unveils 3 new features coming to WhatsApp.

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On one hand WhatsApp is fighting with the government over the privacy policy. On the other hand, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the addition of some new features to WhatsApp. Has there been official information from the company that WhatsApp will soon have features like multi-device support, disappearing mode and one-time viewing.

Halaanki Wabetainfo frequently tracks updates related to WhatsApp and notifies users how it is about to be updated. But this time according to the information report, Anhon approached WhatsApp CEO Will Catchkart and Mark Zuckerberg directly and asked them for information about the upcoming update. Not only this, a glimpse of the disappearing mode, multi-device support feature has also been seen during the beta update.

Earlier too, wbetainfo had informed that WhatsApp is going to bring such a feature that users can use their WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time.


multi-device support

Zuckerberg himself has told that soon with the new feature on WhatsApp, users can use their WhatsApp account on different devices. It will also not require an active internet connection. He also said that being able to sync users’ messages or other content properly on different devices was a big challenge whose solution AP has been found and the multi-device support feature will be rolled out as soon

These features will be rolled out on public beta in 2 months and you can link up to 4 devices with your own account in the multi-device support feature.

missing mode

Even before on WhatsApp, when we delete a particular message, it disappears. But with this feature, when you ‘on’ when you are missing, it will be turned on in all the chat threads and will disappear automatically after some time of sending the message.

take a look

See also once mode is not much different from disappearing mode. After turning this mode on, once the recipient has viewed the message, those messages will be deleted.

The company has made an official announcement regarding these features. But apart from multi-device support, there is no news about when these 2 features will be rolled out. The light company has called ‘Coming Soon’ for the features.

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